Mob TV

Episode 1: The Intersection of Hoodlum and Gangster

Welcome to Chicago. Meet Mike Gentile, Jr. and learn how a chance encounter with Sicilian crime boss in 1943 changed everything and put the Gentile family mob adjacent for decades. Then come back for more. There's a lot more.


Episode 2: Boys Become Men

It's 1945. Junior Gentile is building a successful future in the produce business and reaches new heights -- with a little mob adjacent assistance. Then outside events screw up everything.



Episode 3: War Adjacent

It's 1950. The Korean War is raging. Junior is war adjacent in Alaska, but he finds a way to make the best of a bad situation. Then in 1953, a dame comes into the picture and changes everything.



Episode 4: Nightcaps

It's 1953. Junior and Mary Ann start a family. But first an incident at a nearby bar brings a mob boss to the rescue -- in his bathrobe and bedroom slippers.



Episode 5: Courtroom Adjacent

It's 1956. Junior's new tavern on Dearborn Street across from the courthouse is a gold mine, attracting judges, lawyers, cops, bookmakers, loan sharks, and other criminals to drink, eat -- and place illegal bets. Everybody goes to Junior's.



Episode 6: Retail Adjacent

It's 1962. Junior decides to buy Mary Ann a mink coat. Buying luxury items is done differently when you're mob adjacent. The mother of a thief brings an array of stolen goods to review over coffee and something sweet.



Episode 7: Nightlife

It's 1963. Junior is running a restaurant and nightclub on a street the Chicago media dubbed "the new Glitter Gulch." It's a time of big money, big name entertainers and living large.


Episode 8: Respect

It's 1966. Junior's boy gets a chance to spend time with the mob bosses and learns how being mob adjacent helps you understand how people put things in tidy little compartments.

Episode 9: Partnerships

It's 1975. After his son makes some bad choices, Junior has to go back to the bosses for help. Their help comes with a price and teaches lessons about judging people at face value.



Episode 10: Family Friends

It's 1995. The Gentile family learns some final lessons about family, friendship, loyalty, respect, loss, and what it means to live mob adjacent.